KNU Due-ers Help Strengthen Our Neighborhood

We’re kicking off the 2018 KNU annual dues drive, by asking residents to pledge the $50 suggested contribution. This modest amount helps us cover beautification & safety improvements, utility costs, community events, special projects and unforeseen maintenance, communication strides and operational expenses. Kessler Neighbors United is a 501C3 non-profit organization that benefits all who live here. YOU are the fiber that lends strength to KNU’s fabric. The resident-elected board is volunteer-driven, along with our many invaluable committees who dedicate their time and energies in sustaining our very special and historic slice of the Metroplex, and quality of life. Click here to pay your dues. Any amount that fits your budget is greatly appreciated.

We need your enthusiasm and sweat equity throughout the calendar year. Visit our Volunteer page for a description of active committees. If something suits your fancy, fill out the on-line form. We accept brains & brawn! If you don’t have the time to serve on a committee, consider lending a hand at our spring or fall clean-up day, annual picnic, Kessler Krawl or Holiday Lights Celebration.

Major projects were undertaken in 2017, in addition to ongoing operational expenses. Let’s keep the momentum going in 2018. A recap of 2018 KNU Goals follows: 

  • 2018 Kessler Krawl:  Plans are underway for next year’s Krawl.  The 2017 event netted a profit of $16,000 and KNU will work to surpass this amount in 2018 and was voted “Runner-Up” in the “Best Community Service Project” category of Advocate magazine’s “Best of 2017.”  Volunteers and sponsors will be needed for this event—if interested, please contact Vice President Stephani Kyle at or 501.580.2507.
  • Sylvan Median Restoration/Beautification:  The majority of the medians between Colorado and Evergreen Hills were filled with lava rock, capped on each end with field stones.  Over the past ten years, rock loss has occurred due to weather conditions and automobiles.  The City has determined the cost to replace the rock with stamped concrete (resembling brick) is approximately $46,000.  KNU hopes to partner and share this cost with the City of Dallas (Streets Department) and potentially, other interested parties. 
  • Relaunch of Sidewalk Grant Restoration Program.  In April 2017, KNU launched a program wherein neighbors that utilize the City of Dallas’ 50/50 program to restore sidewalk may receive a grant from KNU to pay up to $500 of their 50% share.  However, no KNU neighbors applied for grants in 2017.  Thus, KNU plans to re-launch its Sidewalk Restoration Grant Program in early 2018 with $5,000 set aside for grants.  Many sections of sidewalks throughout our neighborhood are in poor condition and considered a safety hazard.  Homeowners can be personally liable for persons who fall and injure themselves. 
  • Neighborhood Entry @ Coombs Creek Trail (I-30 Underpass):  Two KNU neighbors approached KNU earlier this year about a potential project for local artists to paint the 22 columns on the Sylvan/I-30 underpass. Governmental approvals are currently being obtained and other neighborhood associations are being engaged.  KNU has committed to a minimum $2,500 contribution for this project.

There is always works at hand, and your dues help get the jobs done.  We thank you!!!


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