Historic Kessler Steps Revitalization Complete

In partnership with the City of Dallas, we have completed the repair and revitalization of the historic Kessler Steps and new installation of the brick dedication walkway! Future landscaping appointments are also in the planning stage, and will add greenery and visual appeal. We are excited to make the brick dedication walkway an ongoing project, with personal inscriptions leading the way to the steps. The recent showers have whisked away the dust, revealing a tapestry of names and sentiments. We encourage all residents to visit the steps on your evening walk or weekend jaunt to take in the beauty of this Kessler Park corridor, or simply ponder the messages afoot. If you’re are interested in purchasing a brick, click here. Again, we want to thank the many donors who made the Kessler Steps possible, the early birds who jumped on board the brick project, and our most recent brick participants who continue to pave the way…

Brick by brick and step by step, the historic Kessler Steps will endure as a beloved and manicured landmark in our neighborhood.


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