Grooming Guidelines for Public Medians and Islands

Did you know that Kessler Neighbors United maintains and improves 17 City of Dallas islands, medians and the Kessler Steps under agreements with the City? As the agent for these properties, we are contractually responsible to the City of Dallas and must ensure these greenspaces are safe, maintained and do not limit or block the line of sight for pedestrians or motor vehicles.

The KNU board funds and approves all maintenance and enhancements to islands and medians within greater Kessler Park, an allocation of approximately 25% of our annual operating budget. KNU’s beautification committee orchestrates the ongoing maintenance, improvements and utility upkeep of these properties.

We want to remind neighbors of the do’s and don’ts of island maintenance.

  • Do’s: Feel free to weed, rake leaves and remove any trash or small fallen branches.
  • Don’ts: Please do not erect any signs, plant or trim plants on these common properties. These guidelines also apply to holiday lights activities on these properties.

Please alert us about any maintenance issues like broken sprinklers or sprinklers running during the day, downed tree limbs, noticeable lighting problems, or other safety issues.

We encourage neighbors to submit ideas for planting or upgrades to be considered by the board.



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