First-Class Letters to Santa Display Wins Holiday Lights Decorating Contest

Thanks to Celina Buchanan, Wesley Throckmorton and 9 households that adorned the Knott Place/Evergreen Hills island with a clever red receptacle that stowed away wishes and wants, the neighborhood was made merrier and bright! Congratulations and thank you for your spirited participation!!! Kim Dunbar won 2nd Place for his handiwork on Winnetka/Canterbury Court, and Robbie Miller and Ron Veech placed 3rd for their decorating talents on Colorado/Kessler Parkway. First and 2nd Place Winners for islands without electricity were Ron Veech for Colorado/Montclair, and Susan Via for Kensington.

Many thanks to all decorating teams who made our neck of the woods extra festive, to neighbors and friends who celebrated the start of the holiday season with us at the annual KNU Holiday Lights Celebration, and to Ron Veech who devotedly organizes the annual contest and celebration. The event was held on the winning “island/triangle with electric” at Knott Place/Evergreen. In case you couldn’t make it, here’s a recap… The celebration was seasoned with carols by the Kessler School, photo ops with Santa, hot coco and cookies, and neighborly merrymaking.


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