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An Apple a Day for Encouragement

Here’s a fruitful way to send the kiddo(s) off to school with a good start, or greet them after school with a meaningful snack, literally! Simply, carve a message like “U did it” or ‘Good luck”, a test grade like A of B+, or a pop culture acronym liked “H” for hug, or “RFD” request for discussion (in the event that you need talk time). A heart shape and the letter “U” (love you), or “POY” (proud of you) says it all! Btw, oranges work great too! back

A Schooling on Bugs

Okay, so the bugs are out, school is out and the kids are at home! Where to go, what to do, how do I keep the kiddos entertained, and where’s my Biotin supplement for the hair I’m pulling out…. Here’s an interactive and educational activity, that occupies little hands and minds. First, purchase a dry erase board at the local office supply or craft store, along with erasable colored markers and eraser. Introduce the kids to an insect like the June bug or Firefly, with interesting ...

Entertaining Freebies

What to do, what to do? My resume on parenting skills includes wearing the Activity Director’s hat and keeping the family entertained! Here are my top 6 FREE family-friendly things to do in the OC and surrounding areas. 1. Ruffle your feathers at the Trinity River Audubon Center The Trinity River Audubon Center is located in the 6000-acre Great Trinity Forest. It is the largest urban hardwood forest in the U.S., with a diverse community of plant and animal species. It also rests in a ...