A Simple Sentiment

Often, the simple things are the sweetest. This Mother’s Day try expressing your sentiment simply. No need for a store-bought card, fussy gift-wrap, over-the-top floral arrangement or other endeavors. Instead, here are a few sweet nothings that are sure to pull her heart-strings:

  • Leave a loving message in colored chalks on the front porch or entry walk.
  • Pen a note and nestle next to the coffee pot, on a pillow or at a place setting.
  • Leave an unexpected note on a bathroom mirror using a non-permanent marker.
  • Pick up a bouquet of cut herbs or potted plant – rosemary, lavender or eucalyptus- wrap in brown Kraft paper and use twin to tie a bow, add note.
  • Purchase some decorative soaps or bath bombs and place at the side of bathtub with a note.
  • Serve up a morning breakfast tray with hot coffee or tea, juice and a pastry, and a note.
  • Send Mom on a treasure hunt by leaving a note with a clue that leads to the next note, around the house or in the garden. Place a batch of cookies, chocolates or heartfelt gift with the final note.

Get creative, the mother figure in your life will appreciate the effort.


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