A Good Time Had by Krawl

The annual Kessler Krawl fundraiser & social event was a well-attended bash! It was the perfect storm…the rain ceased on cue, we got to krawling and a good time ensued! Party-goers wined, dined, conversed, sobered up at the coffee station and left with a KNU “swag-bag,” only to be re-purposed for who knows what (groceries perhaps)! The event’s success was made possible by generous sponsors, spirited attendees and the many drama-free volunteers. WE THANK YOU ALL!!! Volunteers included Becky Moffitt, Kim Dunbar, Bill Schurr, Lila Belitz, Carlos Nolf, Carolyn Mulligan, Ray Morris, Chuck Daniels, Cindy Pierce, Dale Miner, Deb Sumi, Janet Baines, Jeff Chandler, Jerry Reno, Jerry Sanche, John Monger, Kathy Chandler, Mark Drennan, Robb Puckett, Robbie Miller, Robert Kucharski, Robyn Reno, Roland Ramirez, Ron Veech, Schaeffer Hill, Susan Via, and Terry Schurr. You brought it! The homeowners who graciously opened their doors to invasion were Amanda Sotak, Brooke and Jason Moser, Jeff Siegel, John Vranac & Jacob Kearns, and Patty and Espen Brooks. You rock! And a big show of gratitude to the many sponsors who contributed goods, services & continued investment in our community! Click here for a full listing and be sure to support these area businesses. It’s a win-win relationship. You can also access sponsors’ websites with a click on the website footer.

Fund-raising proceeds, coupled with annual dues help to finance beautification efforts & improvements, special projects, and unforeseen needs in the locality not covered by the City of Dallas.

Mark your calendars…The Kessler Krawl returns to its regularly scheduled Spring date on April 27, 2019. If you are interested in opening your doors as a Krawl stop, helping to orchestrate the event, or becoming a sponsor, please contact vp@kesslerneighborsunited.org.

Thank you for krawling with us!


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