Serving greater Kessler Park is one of our great pleasures now more than ever, as we continue to ensure our neighbors are our top priority in this trying time. With the onset of COVID-19, we have come to find community as something more important than ever, even though we cannot easily and at times safely be together. We are actively (albeit socially distanced and digitally) continuing to meet as a board, seeking out creative individuals and ideas to continue accomplishing the united mission of our association. We hope to hold elections as soon as is safe for our neighbors, and look forward to rescheduling our annual meeting.

These times will not break our will to continue as always being Kessler Neighbors, United.

The Board of Kessler Neighbors United


Be a Due-er: Support YOUR Neighborhood Association

We’re kicking off the 2020 KNU neighborhood association dues drive, by asking residents to pledge the $55 suggested contribution. Click here to pay your association dues. This modest amount helps us cover operational expenses including beautification & safety improvements, grounds maintenance & utility costs, neighborhood enrichment events, special projects and unforeseen needs, co-op & revitalization programs, website maintenance and other required services. More...

Your $55 Association Dues Turn on the Lights

We are buzzing behind the scenes every day to ensure that the lights in the neighborhood are turned on! There are many 2020 operations and associated expenses that seamlessly unfold on a day-to-day basis here in Kessler Park. Green belts, common grounds and utilities are not maintained by the City of Dallas. More...

Things To Do

Check out these links for things to do around town like concerts & gigs, parks & recreation, museum exhibits, foodie finds and area digs, family-friendly events, nature outings, and what’s going down at the library…


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New Neighbors?

We’d like to extend a welcoming hand to our new neighbors and drop off a care package at your door. Please let us know who you are by creating a Resident Account Profile. We look forward to meeting you!


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